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A small scanlation group who works on BL manhwas. We work on fluffy and spicy content!

We are urgently hiring for the following positions:

- Korean Translators (No MTL)
- Cleaners/Redrawers (For NSFW)
- Typesetters (Both SFW and NSFW)

Our Projects:
- Sorry I Couldn't Protect You! (Completed)
- Love Script (Completed)
- A Casual Friend
- Kiss Damnation
- Part Timer Next Door (Completed)
- Sketch
- Warrior's Afterlife (Completed)
- Your Sincerity
- Keep Your Promise
- What's With This Strange Dream?!
- Do You Know A Fairy?
- I Want To See The Stars
- Desert (One Shot)
- Please Fix My Heart

*We are a non-profit group. We do this as a hobby.

Come join us on Discord and check out our server releases: https://discord.gg/MyFajzRcMJ

Mangadex Group: https://mangadex.org/group/16136