I Didn't Hear Anything About the Condemnation Starting as Soon as I Reincarnated! Anthology Comic

Tensei Shitara Danzai Start Nante Kiitemasen! Anthology Comic
転生したら断罪スタートなんて聞いてませんっ! アンソロジーコミック

Despite having just regained their memories after reincarnating, it's always the worst possible timing——?! Death by Poison route, Demon King summoning, false accusations, engagement annulment, Execution Ending… A compilation of 5 stories with happy endings after these noble girls reincarnate "for various reasons" and turn the tables on their situations! Here's an anthology for you of noble girls who obtain happiness on the brink of destruction♪

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5 Does the Duke's Daughter Dream o... English Lè Moin Tart Scans 3,540 6 months ago View
4 I Don't Get Being a Heroine, So... English LemonTart (No Group) 2,851 5 months ago View
3 The Noble Girl Fell into a Curse... English Lè Moin Tart Scans 4,002 7 months ago View
2 The Villainess get Entangled wit... English HaruPARTY 3,891 7 months ago View
1 Even Though I Died to a Pufferfi... English Lè Moin Tart Scans 4,218 7 months ago View